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2021 Events

02/20/21   Candlelight Ski Event
State Parks cancelled activities due to Covid.
04/10/21   Maple Syrup Demonstration Day - CANCELED
07/12/21   Running Wild Maplewood State Park Trail Run - see link for details
09/25/21   Leaf Days Celebration - CANCELED
After serious consideration, the decision has been made to cancel Leaf Days 2021 (Sept 25) hosted by Friends of Maplewood.  Cases of COVID-19 across the state of Minnesota have been on the rise. The risks associated with the spread of the coronavirus at public gatherings, to both volunteers and guests, outweigh the benefits of providing the public with a unique view of Maplewood State Park and sharing with them our love of the outdoors.  Although the activities are cancelled, the park remains open.

2022 Events

Feb 2022   Candlelight Ski Event
- Pending
Apr 2022   Maple Syrup Demonstration Day - Pending
Sept/Oct   Leaf Days - Pending

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